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Writing & Speaking & Media Mentions

salon_com2Besides being a therapist, I’m also a writer and a speaker on parenting, infertility and adoption. I have written for Salon.com (where my essay was chosen as an Editor’s Pick for 2006); Brain Child (my essay “You’re Not the Boss of Me” was reprinted in both Utne and Ode); Huffington Post, Parenting, Yoga Journal, Wondertime, Adoptive Families, Bitch: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture and Greater Good among many others. My essays msblog1-290x290appear in Joanne Bombarger’s Mother’s of Intention (Bright Sky Press, 2011), Rebecca Walker’s anthology One Big Happy Family (Riverhead Press, 2009), Mothering and Blogging (Demeter Press, 2009) edited by May Friedman & Shana L. Calixte and the textbooks Child Adoption: Issues and Perspectives (Icfai University Press, 2009) and Mixed Heritage (Greenhaven Press, 2009).

ParentingMagazineAnd for several years I was an editor at ePregnancy, a now defunct magazine dedicated to (you guessed it) all things pregnancy. There I wrote about medical topics; wrote product reviews and fashion spreads; contributed essays; and edited all the freelance-contributed content for the web site.

Speaking Engagements:WOMlogoB_square

  • New Hampshire Public Radio’s Word of Mouth: You Can’t Bully the Pounds Away (2012)
  • Columbus Society for Clinical Social Work and Ohio State Counseling and Consultation: Grief, Loss and ‘Getting Over It': Accounting for Birthparents Experiences’ in Public Narratives of Adoption (with Kate Livingston) (2012)
  • Open Adoption Symposium: Family Values & Openness: Confronting and Accepting Differences (2011)
  • “Is Tin Tin Racist?” on Q with Jian Ghomeshi (2010)
  • Open Adoption Panel with Jenna Hatfield, Brandy Hagelstein and Kris Faasse for Creating a Family (2010)
  • The Fuse Factory (workshop leader specializing in blogs and digital storytelling) (2009 – 2010)
  • Podcamp Columbus: Finding Your Narrative, Blogging Your Story (2009)
  • Open Adoption Promises and Truth: American Adoption Congress (panel) (2009)
  • Creating a Grassroots Online Support Site: American Adoption Congress (2008)
  • Encountering New Worlds of Adoption: 2nd International Conference on Adoption and Culture (panel) (2007)







writing with small children

I started writing when my children were very very small. I like this picture because it sums up the chaos of working at home with young kids. I think my daughter was about to turn two there.

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