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Group for Waiting & New Adoptive Parents

Adoption Support Group

Whether you are already parenting or waiting to adopt or just beginning the conversation, this psychoeducation group for waiting and new adoptive parents will help you in your journey to become the best parent you can be. Safe and nonjudgmental, the group offers individuals and couples space to ask hard questions, consider their options and get information and support as they build their families.

Group meets every Wednesday from 7:15pm to 8:30pm

Cost: $100/month (average $25 a week) per individual or $150/month per couple

  • Support in understanding the different kinds of adoption and making decisions about how to proceed;
  • How to make a decision about a referral;
  • Help in making the wait for a match more productive;
  • Understanding and navigating openness;
  • Resources in the community and beyond;
  • Education on the unique needs of adopted children;
  • Exploration of transracial/transcultural issues;
  • Information on talking about adoption to friends, family and the children themselves.