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The class is going swimmingly

mama-insideMy husband is participating this time, which is a first. He’s never done that before because the time wasn’t convenient but he was helping me set up and tear down and decided it’d be easier just to stick around and take the class. The class is male-heavy this time around, which is unusual* but great. There’s been a lot of engagement and it’s fun to see what people find new and exciting. Different people find different things illuminating and I always learn something by witnessing people tune in to a new idea.

I really really really love to teach this class!!

I’ve had some calls from people hoping to come to the second session of Parenting for Attunement but there is so much that happens in the first class that I think people will lose too much if they only get half. If you are interested in learning when I’ll be offering it again — either September or October depending on some other things going on — please sign up for the email list by filling the form there to the side or by commenting below and checking the box that says “Click here to get the monthly Building Family Counseling Newsletter.” I think I’m going to stick with the four hour class in two weeks for now. I know it’s hard to get a babysitter for that long but it’s also hard to get a babysitter for six weeks. I’m also going to start working on launching an online version hopefully in the fall although, given how busy I am, maybe I ought to say in 2015 but I’m really rooting for fall.

Oh my gosh, I’m really not ready to think that 2015 is close enough to start planning but there you go; it is.

* I’ve only ever taught one other class that had more men and that was one mandated for abusive husbands who had to take a class in order to get unsupervised visitation with their children. I was nearly eight months pregnant and already tired of traveling all the way across town at night during the winter to teach it (we lived in Portland then and I went by bus) and these guys were so hostile. It’s the only time the class hasn’t gone well. 

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  1. Oh golly, I can only imagine how awful it would have been to be a woman trying to educate a room full of abusive men. It seems counter-intuitive to have a female running that sort of class because the exact problems that brought them there probably included lack of respect for women in their lives. (I’m thinking of the descriptions of group therapy with abusive men in Lundy Bancroft’s book and how so much of the success depended upon men hearing other men tell them that they were being abusive and it was wrong.)

    • Yes, it was not fun! I think they had some problems keeping volunteers for that assignment!


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