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8Tracks: Rolling Water

Back in the old days we used to make mix tapes. Then we made mix CDs. Now we make virtual playlists. It’s Monday! Must be time for music!

Rolling Water from thiswomanswork on 8tracks Radio.

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  1. This is actually unrelated to the music (thanks! I will listen later), but I’m wondering if you read ahaparenting and how their approach fits with yours. I’m actually assuming you’re on much the same track, but I’m interested in your opinion because my son has recently started some wild angry behaviour and aha parenting was one of the first results when I googled for help. Their advice has certainly given me other options for my response, and now I’m thinking of investing some time reading their whole website. The unfortunate thing is that I came across them originally from the blog of someone I think makes excruciatingly bad parenting choices, so I initially dismissed their content as being superficial because the blog I first saw mention them was. Now I think I was probably wrong to judge them so harshly!

    • Hi Louise — I hadn’t heard of Aha Parenting so I went and checked it out. I like what I saw. :) It looks like a lot of great general information with a sound research base and if something speaks to you and it sounds like something that might work, go for it! And if you read something else that doesn’t quite ring right, trust your gut and let it go. I really appreciate you sharing this resource with me — it looks useful and I’m glad to know about it!


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