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The reason I love the Parenting for Attunement curriculum is that it’s not about me standing up in front of the room telling people how to raise their kids. Generally, I’m against that. After all, what makes me the expert on your life? I will bring my expertise on child development, family systems and values exploration to class facilitation. but the class is designed to help me guide you to become exactly the parent you need and want to be.

The class meets you in the context of your unique circumstances, values and experience to help you grow in confidence as a parent. You will gain skills and understanding that will change the way you look at your child, at yourself and at your world. Seriously. You’ll be a better parent not just now in the face of these challenges, but in the future, too, when your child’s needs change.

Parents have contacted me asking about the age range the class covers and whether or not this class is appropriate for parents of children with special needs. First of all, it’d be hard to take this class if your oldest child is an infant but it’s great for parents with toddlers on up. I’ve taught it to parents of 18-month olds and to parents of teens; it’s all good.

It definitely works for parents whose children have special needs if the parent is comfortable helping us understand the particulars of their child’s development. A good portion of the program is trying to get a handle on what the child is bringing to the table in development and temperament. While the class material defaults to typical child development, parents are encouraged to use the information in the way that best serves their children. I am also happy to help families identify materials outside of the curriculum that will help them in their understanding of the particulars of their child’s experience.

The first class meets, Wednesday September 18th from 7pm to 9pm at my Worthington office. It continues for the next six weeks.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the course and feel free to sign up for my monthly email newsletter to get alerted when I teach it again. Also if you are interested in bringing the program to your home or venue, let me know. I’d love to talk about the possibilities.

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