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May’s All Adoption General Meeting

We had a different topic planned but there is some really exciting and important things happening in the Ohio house and senate related to adoption that we decided to change the meeting to give participants a chance to understand the issues. Kate Livingston (founder of the Ohio Birthparent Group, which sponsors this meeting) has been involved with the legislation from the get-go and she’ll be there to share information and answer questions. The meetings are always a great place to connect with others who have experience in search and reunion (and maybe to get a lead on a search angel who can help).

Adoption Records: Rights & Reunions

May 13, 2013 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Karl Road Library
5590 Karl Road
Columbus,OH 43229

In May’s all-adoption meeting, we will address issues specific to adoption search and reunion. Ohio adoptees and birthparents have recently helped introduce legislation in our state which, if passed, would give adults adopted from 1964-1996 access to their original birth certificates. In this meeting, we’ll outline current Ohio law regarding adoption records and review the proposed changes in HB 61 and SB 23. We’ll also discuss our own experiences with searching for information and/or contacting family that we’ve lost through adoption.

  • How does current Ohio law regulate access to adoption records? What changes are proposed in HB 61 and SB 23? What impact might this have on our lives?
  • Why might some people search for information about family members they’ve lost to adoption?
  • What has helped or hindered you in your search for information? What feelings, challenges and surprises have you experienced in your search?
  • How have we negotiated the complex dynamics of adoption reunion?

We hope you will join us to network, share stories and offer perspectives on these important questions. These meetings are open to all!

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