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I’m reading a travel book by Alice Steinbach, Without Reservations. It’s a very quiet book and I’m enjoying it because this week my life has not been quiet and I like taking a vacation in a chapter or two. On page 77 she mentions a mantra that she’s adopted for her time in Paris, “Let tomorrow come tomorrow.”

Most of us (myself included) have the bad habit of ruining today by not letting tomorrow come tomorrow. Either we’re trying to control the next day’s outcome with our actions today or we’re so tied up in worrying about the future (or even dreading it) that we forget that we don’t really have to deal with it yet.

It reminds me of the Al-Anon message, “Just for Today.” There’s a whole lot of good stuff in that message but my personal favorite is, “I can do something for twelve hours that would appall me if I felt that I had to keep it up for a lifetime.”

I say that one to my clients a lot. (I say it to myself even more.)

When I have a client who’s worried about her ability to not just make change but to hold onto that change, I tell them her that she doesn’t have to hold onto that change forever. I ask her to hold onto it just for today and see how that feels. It makes everything so much easier to tackle.

So let tomorrow come tomorrow. For today, pull a Scarlett O’Hara and don’t worry about what comes next. Change one thing you’ve been meaning to change. Just for today give yourself time to breathe. Just for today go for a brisk walk. Just for today drink as much water as you’ve been meaning to drink. Just for today try not worrying about what comes next. Skip the charts and the promises and the plans. Just for today do this one thing and tomorrow will come tomorrow.

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