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Therapeutic Moments

dreamymusic-insideI’ve created a category to share little bits of lovely internet flotsam and jetsam as I find it and I decided to call it Therapeutic Moments because I think it’s a good reminder that most healing doesn’t happen in the counseling office. I think of counseling as kind of priming the therapeutic pump knowing that it’s what my clients do after they leave me that really makes change.

Therapy is generally only one hour a week (if that), which leaves 167 other hours where things are bound to happen.

When my clients call me to make an appointment, they’ve already begun the work of healing because they are stating their wish that things were different and their intent to make change. By the time we’re sitting across from each other there is already some momentum and hopefully our time together will give them strength when inertia sets in and their good intentions start to falter.

It happens. Change is hard.

But if we succeed in pushing forward together they will be able to take that forward motion out into their lives. The insight they gain in session will color those everyday events and often give them added depth and meaning.

Of course you don’t need therapy to have everyday epiphanies but I think when we’re primed to find inspiration we’re more likely to find it and counseling can fuel inspiration for positive change.

So I made the category Therapeutic Moments as tribute to the times in our lives when we see the light in otherwise ordinary days.

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